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How to live a happy life

Happiness and the way to achieve it has been thrown about for thousands of years, with lots of people, talented a million different ways of how to be happy.

Wedding-the best day of your life

You devote your life fantasizing about your wedding day, so picturing it going any other way than perfect is not easy to think about.

Why Men Keep Sex Secrets

You stood addled with anxiety, overwhelmed by concerns over your performance, and worried about the worthiness of your physique during lovemaking. Even if the act achieved the idealized statures of a Hollywood screenplay — she melted at your touch, you thundered like a stallion, you writhed in unison to volcanic climax — you still harbor […]

Vanessa Paradis Breaking Up With Johnny Depp…

Merely two days before she announced her split from Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis gave an expressive interview about the pain of sorrow. After months of break up rumors, the stars established the end of their 14-year relationship in June. Both have endured silent since the split; though, the French singer gave an interview to Harper’s […]

About the Kiss

Big mistake. Osculating is a crucial element to lovemaking, and has extreme value. Dr. Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at the University of Albany, clarifies, “Kissing has a lot of power – it can either promote or negate the continuation of a association. ” Studies suggest being a great kisser dramatically increases the frequency and quality […]

Several advises to have best sex


To «keep your sex life remarkable,» exercise physiologist Rich Weil suggests these top five «sexercises.» Though the next exercises are geared to men, they also work great for women who want a lift to their sex life. Deadlifts. This exercise will save your back as strong as it can be, Weil says, and give your […]

Should You Text A Guy After a First Date!!

This is something that bothers both men and women. You’ve had a date. You want to see them again. To text or not to text, that is this reader’s question. Dear Single John, After a first date, should you send an e-mail or text the next day to say that you had a great time? […]

Women Love Sex As Much As Guys Do


Recently, Stephen Fry, an English writer and broadcaster, made a claim that women don’t like sex as much as men. Uhhh, excuse us! Yeah, it feels amazing, but there are also many other reasons we think doing the deed rocks. To show just how wrong Mr. Fry is, we made a list: It’s a freakin’ […]

What Makes Men Fall in Love ?


It’s a baffling question: Is there some specific moment or event that makes a guy suddenly decide “Yes, I think I love her”? Well, the answer isn’t clear-cut, but there are some general principles. “Men have certain innate needs that must be met before they truly feel connected to you,” says Paul Dobransky, MD, author […]

Why Men Love Bad Girls


1. Guys are absolutely certain that all bad girls are amazing in bed. And even if one isn’t, the guy is so certain that all bad girls are amazing in bed that he convinces himself that she is. 2. There really aren’t a whole lot of panties being worn. 3. A guy has way more […]

Top 10 Ways To Break Up

There are lots of ways to break up an existing relationship, but have in mind that there are only few of them that you will be able to use and be sure that you will not heart the feelings of your ex-partner. Remember that you got to have some respect for the person you used […]

What is love?

What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love. To some Love is friendship set on fire for others Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all […]