Hair Curlers Are So Popular Right Now. So … How Do You Use Them?

I feel like everyone but me has been using curlers lately, especially the hot curlers you plug in (versus the velcro rollers you put in your hair to set it after a blowout). They sound so retro and grandma-like, but they really can create the most amazing volume and loose waves.

Problem is, I’m not the most coordinated or patient person when it comes to styling my hair (note that you’ve never seen me in a fishtail braid.  So I have continued to procrastinate getting acquainted with hot rollers … until now. After seeing Gretchen on «The Real Housewives of Orange County» set her hair in curlers, I finally decided the time has come to try them. Not that I want to look like a Real Housewife of Orange County, but I figured curlers could help me find the happy medium between that and the Real Dumpy Housewife of Park Slope look I’ve been working lately. I researched the best curlers for long hair by reading reviews on Amazon  and ordered this Conair set,  which is now patiently waiting on top of my toilet tank (what, I have a small bathroom) for me to figure out how to use it.

I’m planning to fire up my new curlers on Friday night. I’ve found some promising-looking some web sites  tutorials about curlers and long hair, and I got a pep talk from’s own Susan Cernek —reigning queen of  fabulous curler-ed hair. But I’m hoping some of you are also curler fans and will give me some scoop.

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