Angelina Jolie Brings Back the Sexy

Hollywood’s hottest piece of ass to the day, Angelina Jolie, is currently in Japan attending the premiere of her movie Salt in that island nation.

Dressed in a very sexy black dress that showed her entire leg as well as her back, Angelina Jolie paraded her incredible hotness at Tokyo’s most sought after red carpet event ever, filming autographs and even chatting with some of her fans.

I’m sorry, but I have to go back and talk some more about Angelina Jolie’s dress. Wow. I mean, WOW. That’s the hottest dress I’ve ever seen her wear, and for those who compared Megan Fox in her red dress at the Transformers II premiere to Angie, all I have to say is “how dare you?”

And we aren’t talking the stripper types, although that would be way cooler than what the Star is reporting this morning. Apparently, she is donating money to Octomom. Wow, talk about positive reinforcement!

So basically Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt allow their little satan spawns to run wild while they are off socialiting around at Award Show parties.  The couple had to leave the BAFTAs early the other night because their satan-spawns were running wild in the hallways of the Dorchester Hotel in London. Maybe the couple needs to put them on that mean nanny show? More from The Sun.

And its not to save her looks. Angelina Jolie is being advised to stop having babies as it may pose a signifigant health risk. To her, not Brad. The only risk Brad Pitt has in all this is wearing condoms, which poses a serious annoyance threat to him. Ok! Magazine is reporting it.

Its nice to be a young child that gets chosen to have Angelina Jolie as their mommy. It means shopping, lots of shopping, and later in life, it will mean women, lots of women. Trust me, one day when Maddox is visiting those college bars at LSU, having Angelina as your mom will be the coolest name-drop ever. It will also be a panty dropper. If Maddox is smart, he will just stay down on the Bayou and avoid LA at all cost. These are pictures of the loving mother-son duo shopping in New Orleans this weekend. I wonder if Maddox will ever get to see his gandpa?

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