Britney Spears Bikini Picture

Britney Spears has bounced back like she was made of rubber. After being the undisputed princess of the 90′s, she plummeted in the early 2000′s thanks to a crappy marriage to a total douche bag, and now she’s back on top, looking as good as usual, and still having the same voice that made us all fall in love with her in the first place.

And to keep her re-gained fan base entertained, Britney has taken to walking around in a series of bikinis, flaunting her MILFy body and making us jealous of her very lucky bodyguards. Here she is, heading to the beach, escorted by a couple of muscular dudes, and wearing a tiny yellow bikini. So in a way, she’s showing a good amount of skin, while at the same time, she’s hiding the assets. Still, these are some nice Britney Spears bikini pictures, wouldn’t you agree?

Britney Spears is relaxing in the Caribbean just hours before her conservatorship is supposed to go to court one more time. According to Radar Online:

The hearing will entail a status report on how Britney Spears is progressing, and it’s unclear if the pop star will appear in front of the judge.

If the way her body looks is any evidence of how things are progressing with her, I’d dare say that Britney is doing just fine! After being a chubby girl for over two years straight, the Princess of Pop has shed all her extra weight and uncovered a new her. As you can see in these bikini pictures of Britney, she’s even popped a few new muscles.

The funny thing is that when she was overweight, she was hanging around with all sorts of guys, and now that she is in top shape, not a single man in sight. What’s up with that?

Britney Spears had been acting quite normal lately after the great success of her Circus world tour and her tremendous weight loss, but somehow she lost a couple of marbles yesterday. Brit Brit was spotted dressed in a tank top, pantyhose, boots and what seem like pirate pants made from a Gucci scarf. If the outfit itself wasn’t weird enough, Britney seemed to have forgotten to remove the tag from her pants, and she walked around all afternoon long with it hanging from her waist.

Nevertheless, the Princess of Pop made up for her absent-mindedness by not wearing a bra under her white tank top, and if you take a close look at the photos below, you can see her boobies hanging freely with her nipples clearly visible. Thanks, Britney, this is why we love you!

Britney Spears has been sporting a bikini in what is now close to a full week. Hey, you gotta respect it. Last night, she did the David Letterman Top Ten in, what else, a bikini. Looks like she’s going for the record set by Tara Reid in the summer of ’99. You go girl. Oh, more Britney Spears bikini pictures and the Top Ten below.

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