Have You Ever Dated a Much Older Man??

Have you dolls picked up our April issue yet? I just know you’ll all love it; the stunning Kate Winslet graces the cover and there’s a fun story about dating penned by a Smitten favorite…

One of our best pals, Joanna Goddard teamed up with writer Janet Ozzard to chat about dating older. And while May-December relationships aren’t anything new, I think both Joanna and Janet provide tons of great personal insight on the topic. Janet argues that younger men are more open-minded and Joanna says that older men never get boring because they’re like “walking encyclopedias.” Plus, she argues, since your older man will always be, well older than you, he’ll forever consider you his hot young babe.

Last week, we talked about rumored couple Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn. Scar Jo is 24 years younger than the Oscar-winner. That’s a pretty big age difference, but like a lot of you commented in Erin’s story about status guys, the two actors likely have a lot in common. So for those two, age might not even matter.

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