If expert predictions for Sunday’s Oscar red carpet are correct, Joan Rivers won’t know where to spew her style venom first! While it probably won’t be a pantsless affair, fashion gurus say that Lady Gaga will have an effect on how out-there stars are willing to go… 

Don’t expect a snoozefest of LBDs  at this year’s awards—actresses are said to be taking their cues from the music world and venturing out into edgier silhouettes. According to Reuters,  «With consumer confidence up, Hollywood’s top female actresses will be wearing distinctive gowns highlighted by draping and accented shoulders and sleeves. Expect a wide array of colors, from pale shades and skin tones to bold purples, oranges, midnight blues and classic black. Designer Marc Bouwer said this year’s futuristic fashions are influenced by some of the ‘out-there’ costumes of pop music superstars like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and now Britney Spears as seen in her latest video, ‘Hold It Against Me.’ ‘Artists are starting to dress much more crazy, more out there and it has a ripple effect on fashion,’ said Bouwer. ‘While you won’t see a Lady Gaga outfit necessarily on the Oscar red carpet, you will see more architectural styles — an expanded shoulder, a pronounced sleeve. The stronger power woman has emerged, and you cannot ignore that trend.'» An expert from Kwiat diamonds also predicts that the slight economic upturn will mean the return of big bling.

We’ll have to wait a few days to see if the predictions come true, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they will—as you gals know, we tend to think an out-there, unflattering dress is more exciting to talk about than a safe, flattering one! What do you make of the Lady Gaga effect on the red carpet? Do you think she (and other pop stars) are actually influencing what other actresses choose to wear? Have they upped the ante on how far you can push the envelope on the red carpet? And are the Oscars the right place to do that? Discuss!

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