An American Wedding in Indian Style

According to Indian traditions, the bride performs a dance under a piece of Indian fabric. Another notable feature of these Indian-style American weddings is the richly embroidered jewelery and other accessories.
That the females present at the wedding often wear. Maroon and gold are two of the most popular colors noted in Indian-style weddings.Indian-style weddings.
As devised by wedding planners, are never devoid of music either. Indian tunes are played by professional DJ-s all through the ceremony, especially when the groom, accompanied by his family, moves along the wedding aisle. The guests can also be treated to popular versions of Indian rock music at these American weddings.
These typically Indian weddings are also notable in the colours that are observed. As evening sets in, pretty little tree lights, candles and designer lanterns light up the ceremony. Comfortable chairs and pillows are arranged for guests, with rose petals often enhancing the beauty of the long tables.Any description of an Indian-style wedding in the US would be incomplete without a mention of the culinary delights. Traditional and tasty Indian dishes, like chicken tandoori and saag paneer, are extremely popular in these weddings.
As can easily be deduced from the above discussion, an Indian-style American wedding is stylish, colourful, chic and yet, extremely simple and cost-effective. With popular and traditional practices, these weddings are extremely pleasing to the eye and are gaining in popularity. Indeed, if the marrying couple, along with their friends and family, wants to make their wedding a grand, memorable affair, an Indian-style American wedding plan is the best option.
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