Fashion bags spring/summer trends 2013

Mini bags are one of the most fashionable trends in this summer. These elegant accessories can be carried by the handles, put on the wrist or on the shoulder, and even on the back.
Bags «tote» stylish look make good complement on everyday wear and are very practical. Having a distant ancestors as canvas shopping bags XVII century, these trends bags have won worldwide popularity in the mid 1990’s and come back again in 2013.
Clutches has never went out of fashion and in the spring-summer season of 2013, they will also be in all-relevant different sizes, shapes and styles. But among them are several main trends.
One of the most beautiful and original trends of 2013 fashion season are laser perforated bags and laser cut on them patterns. 
Comfortable, bright and useful for the back-bag backpacks in a minimalist fashion brand style will also be relevant.
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