Colors of spring/summer 2013

In terms of color, for the spring/summer 2013 season we are focusing on the continual interest in all things past but offered in a contemporary way.

Pink is back in all channels and inspires new aesthetics in the high end fashion product creation. In the past the color went out of style as the shade easily labeled as too cute, young and un-intelligent. It is now back and womenswear designers are now claiming back and offering it in an array of colors. For the spring/summer 2013 season we are forecasting both expected, bright and young shades alongside dustier, more subdued colors.


For the upcoming spring season we are once again gravitating towards green but this time, in more fun youthful shades or duller, barely-there dusty colors.

Sulfur yellow is a must-have shade for the spring/summer season. The acid-inspired yellows of past seasons are transforming into cooler, more out-of-this-world hues that feel superficial and abstract.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 10.41.01 PM

For the summer 2013 season, the focus is on rich tomato-inspired reds and deep Crimson pinks. Orange is still important but we are more interested in less-athletic and more sophisticated orange shades.


The color of wood and all things natural – brown, is always important. Natural shades are more important than ever. For the 2013 summer season we are forecasting a more subdued and not-in-your-face brown shades. Brown resonates with the consumer’s need tofeel closer to nature and to feel part of it.

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