Emergency surgery for Lady Gaga

Emergency surgery for Lady Gaga

The singer has canceled 20 concerts because of health status. The American pop star who said on the eve of four concerts due to pains in the joints, cancels the remaining 20 gigs of its world tour, which lasted two years.

According to the official representatives of the singer, this is due to the fact that soon it will have to postpone an operation on his thigh. As Lady Gaga herself, she is already about a month is severe pain in the joints and now cannot move independently. «I haven’t talked about this injury, hoped it will pass, said the singer. But after a recent speech, I now can’t walk «.

According to doctors, health problems caused by the running of pop star-defeat inside of SYNOVITIS. Inflammation in the synovial sheath can be called stretching, strong loads or impact. «The problem is more serious than it seemed at first glance, the singer’s representatives said. -Unfortunately, Ledm Gaga need surgery, followed by a long recovery period, when she will not go. «Due to health problems she had earlier postponed four concerts of the North American part of its world tour. She said she hoped to recover within a week. That singer actually may be in a wheelchair, doctors told her two years ago. She has a complex hereditary disease and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Doctors have insisted that the singer abandoned the high heels and lower the load. But it is hardly the image of Lady Gaga, and thus part of its capital.

However, in the near future, Stephanie Džermanotte impoverishment is not threatened. If it loses, it’s not too much: the unexpected cancellation of the concert covers the insurance. Actively serving Lady Gaga in the last year won fifth place in the ranking of the «most expensive» singers in the world, earning 52 million dollars, while a year earlier was in the first place.

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