Watches de Grisogono — a ray of light in the night…

Watches de Grisogono - a ray of light in the night

When night fell, the escapade begins, with the pearl glowing compound high-tech materials the Tondo by Night watch radiates a charming light absorbed sunlight. Andy Warhol’s famous 15 minutes of fame on the only three-quarters of hours of light exposure can finished – whether natural light or false light – and then de Grisogono watches will become the eye-catching!!!

Tondo Pearl fluorescence compound glass fiber materials, a novel unique night out light-emitting resources used by Night of the watch case and clasp part, has also joined the de Grisogono has a gorgeous shimmering pellets of mother of pearl unique and impressivethe material used in the watch design.

The effect of this new physical is very alarming, a row of valuable stones mounted on the bezel is more shiny and prominent surface of this table, the other is so special about, self-winding drive pendulum Tuo changed on the surface, and ornamented withphase contrast with the case of gemstones, granular stones and carefully crafted Tondo by Night grain devil Rays belt echoes to forge a unique style.

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