Dior presented a gold tattoo

Dior gold tattoo

Originating from the 24-karat gold leaf, you can have them via stick-ons. Don’t be fooled by the toy-like tactic to enjoying these tattoos as you have to pay a hefty price just to have them on your arms. To be exact, you need to pay $120 for this special tattoo. While you might think that this is a huge amount for such a temporary body beautification – remember that you are giving for the brand name; and of course, the gold in the tattoo.
Dior gold tattooThis Grand Bal stick-ons that boast of jewels designs are hailed by jewelry and tattoo specialists as the ultimate when it comes to luxury tattoos. In fact, the premier French fashion house reflects it as not just a tattoo ornament but a piece of fine jewelry, much like in the category of their trompe l’oeil cuff links, charms, rings, and bracelets.
The Dior tattoos were a creation of Camille Miceli, famous clothing jewelry designer. Dior and Miceli? This mixture offers the legitimacy that a woman might want before she wears a tattoo stick-on. Many others thought that Miceli’s lending her expertise in the design of the Dior tattoo is enough for it to be careful as a must-wear fashion accessory.

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