Fragrance by Victoria’s Secret is worth 500 000 $

victorias secret

A well-known brand of exclusive women’s underwear Victoria’s Secret perfume masterpiece titled presented Bombshell Fantasy.

As noted in the release notes, it is «a small addition to the famous » Floral Fantasy Bra, which was valued at 2.5 million dollars. Those two pompous creations from Victoria’s Secret is an integral whole in one subject-the fairy flower garden.

Bottle Bombshell Fantasy paved with flowers made of gemstones and crystals colorful colors – white, yellow and Pink diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Amazing butterfly of tourmaline, made by hand by the best craftsmen, sits on a flower from a huge 10-Carat white diamond is the highest degree of purity.

Shape bottle just said about his «Dear», and superficially resembles a huge faceted Crystal, through which reflects all the lights of various stones, aromatic liquid seems to be something truly unearthly and fancy.

As for the perfumery compositions, suffused with hints of exotic fruit is luxury passion fruit infused with gentle chords of flowering plum and rare Peony Shangri-La. The final sound of the fragrance won note with your sweet vanilla orchid. It is worth noting that this fabulous fantasy called Bombshell Fantasy have to afford really fabulously rich persons who are willing to pay $ 500000 for the creation.

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