As a woman quit smoking


Each of us knows that smoking is dangerous to health, in particular, to women’s health. However, not all women are willing to give up this bad habit, quit smoking, scooping the justification and solace in the many myths and misconceptions about smoking.

Why do women smoke? Some believe that cigarette gives them a feeling of freedom and equalizes in rights with men. Other women asked why they smoke, naively believe that with fuming cigarette in hand they look more attractive in the eyes of men. Some have argued that smoking helps relieve nervous tension as the same woman relax if it would abandon smoking? Immediately followed by a «pseudo-scientific» assertion that smoking isn’t harmful, or strident statements like «I’ll throw as soon as I please». However, all these excuses do not help us or solve problems in our life, not get rid of the bad habit.To begin with, let’s face it: smoking destroys women’s health and complicates everyday life, whatever does not read as myths and legends. For women to quit smoking – it means that longer remain beautiful and young. Note the visible consequences of your addiction to cigarettes: your skin is no longer as fresh and elastic, a person has an unhealthy appearance, any physical activity causes shortness of breath, and so Scared that this is only the beginning!

Scared? Properly done! Hardly someone may like the idea, serious illness and, moreover, of an early death. The second reason for quitting smoking, which should be understood by every woman – children. What example you feed your kids? They also want you the same problems? Let the conscious fear for the health of your loved ones will become constructive support to Chad to stop smoking.

Now try to figure out what you actually are missing in your life, what are you trying to compensate for the lack of smoking? Write down your thoughts and define a new life concept: you change your life and will achieve the desired without the «help» of cigarettes.

Don’t want to quit, because you «own» in men’s company? Or hope that so will you look more attractive in the eyes of men? If so, then you have teenage stupidity plays. Most men hate kissing the woman, which smells of tobacco. A real woman must attract not what it looks like and what it is. Learn how to care for yourself and present yourself properly.

Lack of communication? The easiest way is to enroll in a «special interest group» or make friends by correspondence. All in all, fill your time those cases that will help make your life full and stop smoking. Because when a person is busy, about all he forgets. Go do yoga or dancing, go hiking with friends or spend more time with his children – the main thing is that these lessons have brought you satisfaction and help to stop smoking.

Another way is to stop smoking, a woman should get rid of all the attributes of smoking to avoid temptation. For most women is very important, and Entourage all pure them unattractive. Beautiful, graceful  lighters, cigarettes in expensive packs-to quit smoking, hide it away. A cigarette can pour in a box-we assure you desire to take them from there will be much less.

Tell that want to quit smoking, people whose opinion you value (this supports you in your endeavor). You’ll see that everything will be your decision entirely endorse. To get rid of smoking was well under way, praise yourself, pay attention to visible changes in your appearance and health, try to come to represent what you still reach – with joy and pride-reap the fruit of their own efforts. The money saved on cigarettes, can delay the realization of an old dream. Main thing is to stop smoking, never give up! If you feel weak, fight with all means available: refer to psychotherapy, buy nicotine patch.

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