How to cheer yourself up

How to cheer yourself up

Women are very fickle creatures fame and whimsical, whose mood could not foresee. Yes and we often notice that «stood up not with the legs» or just «out of sorts». If well understand the reason for his bad temper can eventually reveal, but will the mood of this good?The most effective and simplest way to cheer yourself up-your friends and girlfriends.  Call them or keep them all invitations to the party, even if at the moment you are not inspiring. Friends in order and need to lift our mood or, in extreme cases, just help you forget about the problems for pleasant conversation.

Food & drinks too improve the mood perfectly. For example, chocolate is a well-known and widely accepted antidepressant. So even if you sit on a diet can afford quite a bit of this delicacy in the beneficial purposes. The positive impact of chocolate can be added to tonic drinks. Truth, like sweets, they should not get carried away, but drink a little to improve mood and vivacity-you can charge.

Another way to cope with negative emotions-unleash them on paper. Try to specify the source of your negative emotions and draw it (for example, in the form of an evil man-your boss) or simply draw what you have is a bad mood (black cloud or rain). The actual process of drawing draw you, and the result can fairly give fun to work.

If the soul is nauseated, leave off the pencil and grasp the boxing pear. Here’s what you’ll be able to come off in full and give vent to all their grievances, pear-and feel relieved. If boxing is not your profile, will fit other active sports. Moreover, such classes will help you along the way slipped up muscles and improve your health. This is not the reason for the positive emotions and good mood?

Know about the existence of hormones-endorphins joy? So here they are produced by the body in the process of actively obtaining extreme sensations. So you can finally decide to learn downhill skiing or rock climbing. Go to any extreme sport, when you have a bad mood and, besides the endorphins, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

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