Angelina Jolie ill with a deadly disease?


Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is allegedly sorrow from a «deadly illness». Jolie’s recent weight loss and her emaciated and exhausted appearance at a help news conference in Washington has sparked off reports that she is extremely ill.

According to America’s The National Enquirer magazine, the Original Sin actress has a possibly fatal «serious health problem.»

The magazine says the actress’ “overwhelming health crisis has put her under such marvelous stress, it’s ruining her life.”

Pre-publication shots of the cover prove headlines claiming Jolie is «losing her hair», suffers «uncontrollable shaking» and is diseased by blinding pains.

The periodical also reports that her beau Brad Pitt will stick by the actress, despite reports about the rocky state of their relationship.

Jolie’s brother has amenably stated that he is concerned with her shocking weight loss since giving birth to baby Shiloh last May, and behind her mother to growth January this year.

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