Top 10 Countries where the Hottest Men of the World live


Hello everybody!

It is commonly thought that men think about sex more often than women do. But recent scientific experiments came to prove that both men and women think of sex equally during the day. And for that reason I decided to share with you the list of the countries where hottest men live.


10. USA

Don’t you want to hug this poor lonesome cowboy? Great nature escapes are always good opportunities to walk on the wild side…

9. Japan

Asian countries are popular for beautiful men but Japan is probably one of the countries with the most refined and elegant ones. Needless to say that their great sense of fashion is also a big plus…

8. Cuba

Cuban men are very sexy latin lovers. A proud people, a strong and rich culture, beautiful guys… What are you waiting for? Go to Cuba!

7. Brazil

Tanned skin, sense of rhythm, incredible smiles… Brazilian guys are hot for sure! The main issue is the strong competition with brazilian women, but  don’t be pessimistic. Being an expatriate could add to your sex appeal…

6. French Polynesia

Being french I felt I couldn’t really put French men on the list as it could be judged unfair… but I couldn’t resist to French Polynesia! The famous “sea sex and sun” song from Serge Gainsbourg should have been created there…

5. Greece

Are you looking for a tall, dark and handsome man? The “looks like a greek god” cliche is still very vivid for our greatest pleasure.

4.South Africa

Nigeria,Mali, Morocco, Egypt… Africa is one of the continents with highest competition but south africans seem to find the right balance: muscular, powerful, virile, brave… There are just not enough adjectives to describe them!

3. England

There is no mystery… The reason why they are more and more on TV is because we just love this British accent! A subtle mix of sensuality and elegance… What else do we need?

2. Spain

Not only are they beautiful, generous, and friendly. But with their particular taste for ‘fiesta”, you will never be annoyed with a Spanish man.

1. Italy

Masculine and mediterranean, our macho men are inevitably the winners in this contest.
Don’t you love when they smile at you while speaking passionately with their hands about this important soccer game?

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