MTV’s New ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Hoechlin Turned Down ‘Twilight’ Role

he strikingly handsome (and almost sickeningly modest) 23-year-old toyed with a career in professional baseball; he somehow ended up talking to PopEater about playing a hirsute lupine and turning down a big role in ‘Twilight.’

So is the new ‘Teen Wolf’ like the Michael J. Fox movie?
The title is definitely the same. However the show is nothing like the original. It’s much darker, so no hairy basketball shots. We just finished shooting; we shot in Atlanta for six months, so I’m moving back into my apartment. If feels like I’m moving in all over again.

ver regret it?
Oh there are twinges. I miss it for sure, there’s no getting around it. I don’t think there’s anyone who plays baseball for that long who can just walk away and not have part of themselves with the game and love everything about it. I get to live vicariously through it now. I have a bunch of buddies who are playing in the big leagues. My best friend from college is the first baseman for the Mets.

Who do you root for?
Now I root for players. When the Mets play the Reds it’s hard because my one buddy will be pitching and my other buddy will be hitting, so it’s hard to know who to root for.

Ever get rejected by a girl?
Yes, I’ve gotten those for sure, it’s definitely happened. I have a girl now; we’ve been together for a while so I don’t have to worry about rejection anymore.

Your last name sounds like something is stuck in the back of your throat.
Yes, that’s how it should sound when pronounced properly. It’s German. I debated changing the spelling but I’m leaving it. It’s a conversation piece.

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