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Lady Gaga blames her Poker Face on dad

The ‘Poker Face’ singer has started her new tour in Amsterdam, and it’s already raising eyebrows – not for her shocking dressed but rather for the star’s apparent weight gain. She has been showing off a more curvaceous figure lately during her Born This Way tour. The 26-year-old Gaga explained changes in her weight, saying that […]

Solarium to be prohibited in NSW

Last year in February the NSW Goverment announced that solariums will be prohibited from 31st December 2014, as they are still considered to be not safe.

As a woman quit smoking

Each of us knows that smoking is dangerous to health, in particular, to women’s health. However, not all women are willing to give up this bad habit, quit smoking, scooping the justification and solace in the many myths and misconceptions about smoking. Why do women smoke? Some believe that cigarette gives them a feeling of […]

How to cheer yourself up

Women are very fickle creatures fame and whimsical, whose mood could not foresee. Yes and we often notice that «stood up not with the legs» or just «out of sorts». If well understand the reason for his bad temper can eventually reveal, but will the mood of this good?

Health calendar for the whole year

It is generally accepted in all the congratulations, whether solemn speech, greeting card or an e-mail message, first to desire good health. The new year is approaching, and we will wish each other good health. Without hesitation, we put the priority on health, when talking about the priority of life’s values. And so does things […]

How to lose weight at home?

Gym associations can be expensive and often need you to lock into a year, or longer, agreement. The money you spend on a gym connotation can be used instead to purchase a few pieces of home exercise equipment. Along with exercising to get in form, overhaul your eating habits at home. Clean out your cupboards […]

What is Cardiovascular Fitness and How to improve it…

Cardiovascular fitness- a general term that describes the repetition of utilizing and conveying oxygen in the process using your heart lung and organs. The practice of this can improve the driving of the blood and oxygen to the body making it more effectual and easier to release oxygen therefore improving your exercising techniques. The highest […]

How to prevent dandruff

All those hair sprays, mousse and other hair «care» means can do harm to your hair. Over a aeon of time they accumulate on building and after yield the anatomy of dandruff. Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It is a common scalp disorder, which often causes itching.  


Women often subscribe to fitness fads and offbeat diets to get fit.  Contrary to many women’s concerns, strength training using heavy weights won’t result in a manly bodybuilder-type physique. «Men and women who train similarly have the ability to increase their muscular strength, but because women have lower levels of testosterone and fewer and smaller […]

Health and Fitness

Health fitness involves exercising and working out to look and feel better. Your physical and mental well being depend on it. Exercising can reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes. It can also reduce the effects of depression and eliminate stress. The physical and mental benefits of health fitness are well worth the efforts. […]

Peaceful Music Is Useful For Health

Listening to favourite and peaceful music positively influences the state of the cardiovascular system, scientists report. According to a news study, specialists have discovered that endothelium influences emotions. It plays an important role in the regulation of the blood circulation, coagulation and its viscosity. More than that, endothelium is the layer on which the risk […]