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Miley Cyrus Poses Fully Nude for Marc Jacobs’ Skin Cancer Campaign

Miley Cyrus is taking it all off — but this time, it’s for a good cause. The «We Can’t Stop» singer, 20, poses fully nude as part of fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ «Protect The Skin You’re In» campaign, which raises money for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute. Cyrus unveiled the T-shirt design via […]

Holly Madison Looks Amazing Just Three Weeks After Giving Birth To Rainbow Aurora

Less than three weeks after giving birth to daughter Rainbow Aurora, Holly Madison is back in red-carpet-ready shape. The new mom and former Playboy model, showed off her sexy post-baby body at Cirque Du Soleil’s World Water Day celebration on Friday, March 22.

How to live a happy life

Happiness and the way to achieve it has been thrown about for thousands of years, with lots of people, talented a million different ways of how to be happy.

»Sex and the City» History

On this day in 1998, the cable network HBO airs the pilot episode of Sex and the City, a new comedy series reporting the lives and loves of four solitary women living in New York City.

Why Men Keep Sex Secrets

You stood addled with anxiety, overwhelmed by concerns over your performance, and worried about the worthiness of your physique during lovemaking. Even if the act achieved the idealized statures of a Hollywood screenplay — she melted at your touch, you thundered like a stallion, you writhed in unison to volcanic climax — you still harbor […]

About the Kiss

Big mistake. Osculating is a crucial element to lovemaking, and has extreme value. Dr. Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at the University of Albany, clarifies, “Kissing has a lot of power – it can either promote or negate the continuation of a association. ” Studies suggest being a great kisser dramatically increases the frequency and quality […]

Several advises to have best sex


To «keep your sex life remarkable,» exercise physiologist Rich Weil suggests these top five «sexercises.» Though the next exercises are geared to men, they also work great for women who want a lift to their sex life. Deadlifts. This exercise will save your back as strong as it can be, Weil says, and give your […]

The Most Famous Celebrity Sex Scandals of 2012

2012 has been rich with celebrity sex scandals. The most famous of them are: Chris Brown and Rihanna After Brown’s physical abuse in 2009 and sending her to hospital, the two reunited this year. Recently, in between sending partially nude photos of herself, Rihanna tweeted pictures of the couple in loving embraces.

Facts You Did not Know About orgasm


Orgasms are somewhat of an untold mystery. Nowhere is this fact driven home more, than when you start looking up its definition and realize that there are nearly 30 different ways to describe its physical and emotional properties. You probably already know orgasms result in muscular contractions, increase heart rate/blood pressure, are associated with intense […]

Top 10 Countries where the Hottest Men of the World live


Hello everybody! It is commonly thought that men think about sex more often than women do. But recent scientific experiments came to prove that both men and women think of sex equally during the day. And for that reason I decided to share with you the list of the countries where hottest men live. Enjoy!! […]

Kiss and Tell: The Story Behind the New Year’s Kiss

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s, revelers around the world celebrate by exchanging kisses.  The gesture isn’t always a romantic one; often friends and family members give each other an affectionate peck on the cheek. But how did this lippy tradition get started?.. Historians believe that the tradition of the New Year’s kiss […]

Should You Text A Guy After a First Date!!

This is something that bothers both men and women. You’ve had a date. You want to see them again. To text or not to text, that is this reader’s question. Dear Single John, After a first date, should you send an e-mail or text the next day to say that you had a great time? […]